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Simply put, UNLOCK LACROSSE is here for kids who are at all points of their lacrosse journey.

We want to use lacrosse as a medium to unlock your strengths as a child and a player by removing peer comparisons and allowing you as a player to get better based upon your own measuring stick. 

Our members may be: 
       **Really early in their journey and want to learn skills to build confidence.

      **Already along in their lacrosse career but not want to or be able to commit to the year-round offerings such as club. 

       **An existing club player but are looking for the type of instruction that allows them to dial up the nuances of their skills from top           
             individualized high rep instruction

We keep your confidence high through working on your skills and individual strengths! 

I have gotten the below types of questions so many times over my years of being involved in the sport and want to try and provide a place for kids to feel like they can rebuild their confidence, not be compared constantly to others.

Is this your Child? If so, we are here for you! 
"Hey Jon, my child loves lacrosse but isn't going to do the Club lacrosse year-round thing. They want to get better in the off-season is there anything out there for them?" 

"Hey Jon, my child plays on a club but I feel like they're not getting a lot of individual instruction"

"Hey Jon, my child has really started to like lacrosse but is relatively new to the game. Is there anything out there to help him/her get better?"

"My child likes lacrosse but feels behind and it really impacts their confidence"

"My child loves lacrosse but clearly needs to focus more on skills. How can I help them get better?"

"We just moved to town a couple of years ago where lacrosse wasn't so big. I didn't grow up with it so I don't know anything about it. Is there a way for my child to get caught up? It seems like the other kids are much farther along."

Reach out with any questions:
Please include your child's grade and town you live in which helps us understand context. 
[email protected] 

Contact Us

Jon Hess - Unlock Lacrosse Founder 

Email: [email protected]

Jon Hess - Unlock Lacrosse Founder 

Email: [email protected]
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